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Professional Home Renovation Services

Are you looking for a home improvement company in Monroe Township, NJ? You are on the right page because Just Right Home Repairs LLC, one of the most dependable contractors in the area, can improve your home according to your budget and liking. Whether you need to renovate or remodel your entire house or just a specific area, leave it to us. With our years of experience in the industry, you can expect excellent service from us. To get to know us better, give us a call or stay on this page.


Residential Renovation Services


General Home Improvement

General Home Improvement
Whether you just need some parts of your house to be repaired or have something added, we can take care of that. There is no big or small project that we can’t complete. Common services are drywall repair, rail repair, fencing, kitchen and bathroom improvement, and many more. Call us for more details!

Deck Repair

Deck Repair
A wooden deck can be a fantastic addition to any home. However, your deck being exposed to the natural elements may lead to loose, cracked, or rotten wood, and your support posts can quickly start aging and weaken. We can fix all that and also take care of other exterior home renovation requests.


Since the paint of your house has a lot to do with its appearance, you would want it to look good all the time. If you notice that some paint has already chipped off or the shade is not the same anymore, leave the repainting to us. We know the right type of paint that will work best on the surfaces we will be painting on.

Tile Flooring

Tile Flooring
The floor adds personality to a room. The way it looks could make the room look good or bad. When you want the floor in your room to look good again, leave it to us. Your floor will not only look good but safe as well. We specialize in tile floors, but we can work with other materials as well.


Trust Our Experienced Professionals

If your bathroom is already falling apart, a remodeling project is in order. If some parts in your kitchen need upgrading or replacing, leave the kitchen renovation to us. We handle all sorts of residential home improvement projects, so if you see some damaged areas of your house, we can manage that promptly. No matter which room or part in your home you want to improve, you can be assured of reliable service from us.

Whether you need a home renovation of your interior or exterior, we have the right tools for the job. We have experts who can make homes in Monroe Township, NJ and the nearby cities look better. From planning to finishing touches, you will see the level of excellence that we follow. Not one of us is allowed to work below excellence. No matter how big your project is, we will never step away from that.

We Serve the Surrounding Areas!

Our flexible company also serves:

  • North Brunswick Township, NJ

  • Princeton, NJ

Get in touch with Just Right Home Repairs LLC when looking for an experienced home renovation contractor in the local area and call us today!

Client’s Testimonial

Bathroom Ventilation Fan replacement

Clive excels in working with proponents of high-quality work. He took the time necessary to support his work. He is a qualified, skilled, and friendly contractor. I wholeheartedly urge Clive to rehire him for additional home renovation tasks. He performs a wide range of home remodeling tasks.

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